Level 1 & 2 Courses Spring 2024 HSE Staff only

Level 1 & 2 Courses Spring 2024 HSE Staff only

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Practical Course dates: March 21st - 24th, 2024 

Course Venue: Cork International Hotel (Airport) 

COURSE COST: €1,800.00
On receiving your ONLINE booking form and deposit, you will in turn receive a unique access code  which will open you up to the Dr Vodder Akademie E-Learning platform at  https://mld.vodderakademie.com 
Here you will need to set up a personal user account with user name and a password for you to access the theory lectures. These E-learning lectures and theory instruction are provided by the  Dr. Vodder Akadamie International (DVAI ~ Austria)   (8 hours guided theory instruction plus self-study and reading, total: 35 hours approx.) covering everything needed for Level 1 and 2 ( Applied MLD) and introduces some of the principles of pathophysiology of the Level 3 theory. You will be able to watch and listen to each lecture as often as you wish. 

The DVAI theory instruction can be complemented by optional but recommended three 2.5 hour live zoom calls in the 4 weeks prior to course commencing . E-Tutorials with linked UTube  playlist will be made available as preparation of each zoom call to facilitate revision, understand the theory in more detail so application to the practice makes more sense and also aid  preparation for the theory exam. 
            This option is unique to the Dr Vodder School Ireland (DVSIrl) 

Having completed the lecture series, reviewed the tutorials and completed the proposed pre- course revision zoom calls, the Level 1 MCQ exam, which needs to be completed PRIOR to completing the Level 1 course can be taken and you will be notified of your pass rate. You will have 2 opportunities to complete same.                                                (In the event you do not pass the online exam you will be facilitated with a written theory test on class day 2.)  
  • General anatomy and physiology of blood circulation
  • General anatomy of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes;
  • Indications and contraindications;
  • Special anatomy of the main lymphatic vessels as well as of the lymphatic systems of the various body regions and the skin;
  • Physiology of the interstitial space, lymphatic system and lymphatic fluid:
  • Extravascular circulation of blood proteins
  • Exchange of matter and fluid in the terminal portions of pathways;
  • Structure and function of the interstitial connective tissue, physiology of interstitial exchange of matter,diffusion, osmosis, colloid osmosis, filtration, reabsorption, active cell transport process, permeability of blood capillaries
  • Starling’s equilibrium;
  • Physiology of the lymphatic system (drainage function, lymph formation, lymph-obligatory substances, lymph transport, transport capacity of the lymphatic system, defence and filter function); Lymphatic fluid, chyle;

PRACTICAL INSTRUCTION (32 HOURS, 40 UI): Your unique Code also gives you online access to the practical techniques and sequences. 

Principles of applying MLD;

Practical techniques of MLD; Pump , Scoop, Thumb Circles, Stationary Circles, Rotary

Treatment sequences of the various parts of the body (neck, face, arms, back, buttocks, chest, abdomen, legs, nape of neck).

Certification :

This module has a theoretical but no practical exam, on completion of the 4 days training you will be  awarded a certificate for Level 1 .You are encouraged to practice on family and friends only and  only those with an intact healthy lymph system at this level. This certificate entitles you to entry to any Dr Vodder Level 2 Worldwide, or directly to Level 3 in some countries; however not in Ireland unless you have a  HealthCare Professional background ( ie medicine, nursing, physiotherpist) and currently working in your field. 


Course dates: April 26th -29th  2024
Course Venue: International Airport Hotel Cork 

  • Repetition of basic concepts;

  • Special strokes for more in-depth treatment for certain pathologies .

  • Treatment approach for non-lymphoedema related pathologies will be discussed such as

  • Migraine, Autoimmune conditions 

  • ankle sprain, CRPS, sinusitis, whiplash, stroke, burns, scars.

  • Bursitis, encapsulitis and tendonitis in any joint

  • Whiplash and fracture injuries

  • Traumatic injury

  • Post-surgical oedema

  • Chronic  inflammation & pain including CRP

  • Fibromyalgia,

  • Dermatological problems such as psoriasis

  • Respiratory conditions

  • Level 2 certification is dependent on sufficiently passing a practical exam on day 4. Failure to pass will require a repeat of the failed portion of the exam. If unsuccessful again,  the entire course (Level 2) and exam will need to be taken.
Note:  it is advisable you bring a laptop or other device with you so that you can access this on-line information 
Successful completion of Level 2 sees the awarding of an Internationally recognised certificate issued by the Dr Vodder School Ireland accredited by the Dr Vodder Akademie International, Austria.  ( ISO Certified) . This certificate entitles you to treat clients with an intact lymphatic system with the original Dr Vodder Method of MLD 


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